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You are what you eat!


Every day our body tissues and cells go through regenerative and rebuilding processes.  Far too often we take for granted what exactly is going on in the inside, but trust me there’s a lot!

Thankfully, due to science and research we now have a better understanding at just how much of a significant role nutrition plays on overall health as well as gene expression.  Nutrigenomics is the study of how certain foods and nutrition interact with our genes.  This is especially significant information when it comes to understanding that certain foods can turn on genes for different diseases.  On the flip side, this type of information can also provide us with the arsenal we need to combat chronic illness while improving immune function.  

The foods that we eat daily supply us with energy, vitamins, minerals, proteins and fats that provide the building blocks for life.  When we provide our bodies with a diverse nutritional eating plan (eating predominantly plant based [nutrient dense] and whole food sources [non-processed], we are giving our bodies the most optimal conditions for cell and tissue regeneration as well as disease fighting.  On the contrary, when we pump processed crap into our bodies (laden with sugar, fat, salt, and toxic chemicals to name a few) what kind of a chance do you think we are giving our bodies at restoring balance and keeping us healthy?  Hopefully if you know where I’m going with this you answered “Not much!”  

Daily we are exposed to so many toxins both externally (environmental) and internally with the foods we eat.  The reality is, our bodies are not a toxic waste dump; we cannot continue to dump crap into them expecting to remain at a healthy body weight or in good health.  It is only a matter of time before our lifestyle choices catch up to us.  The great thing today is that we have a much better understanding at just how much our food choices can impact our health.  Knowing this allows us the opportunity to take control and make healthy changes (like participating in the 28 Day Whole Food Challenge).

Food can either work for us, or against us, but the only way it can get there is our brain’s decision to ingest certain foods.  Do you have anyone in your life now who currently eats a healthy diet?  What sorts of positive characteristics do you notice? Does their skin look great?  Do they have even energy throughout the day versus the highs and lows you may encounter?  Are they at a healthy body weight?  Every time we eat, we should ask ourselves, “is this going to help my body?”  What we put into our bodies will be a direct reflection of how we look and feel!  Remember, it is very true what they say, you are INEED what you eat!     

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Speaking of progress…


While my own progress with the 28 Day Whole Food Challenge itself was fantastic (yes, I’m not ashamed to be proud of myself for that accomplishment!), my blog progress, however, has been a little on the cold side!  The detour has been the result of a busy schedule mixed with a lack of understanding when it comes to using the blog itself (I’ll get there in time!).  I find it much easier to post relevant information on our Facebook community page which is where you can find all of the juicy goodness (informative articles, recipe ideas, tips, etc.).  I encourage any reader to “Like” the community page so you can get up to date and immediate posts!  You can find that by following this link:  https://www.facebook.com/28DayWholeFoodChallenge

I would like to apologize to my readers for taking so long to get on here to make my next post, but I assure you there’s some great ideas and future posts on the way!  So stay tuned and challenge on!  :O)


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