Diane David

Building a better tomorrow!

Progress, not perfection!

on February 12, 2013

Work In Progress

Progress, not perfection!  Now that we are a week into the 28 Day Whole Food Challenge you may be thinking to yourself one of four things:

1) I am doing awesome with all of my changes!  The results are incredible and that’s all I need to keep going!

2) I’ve been making better decisions and look forward to the day when I can achieve my goal of making all whole food choices

3) It’s just too hard to keep up with all of these changes — I like the taste and convenience of what I was eating before — this is way too much work!

4) I tried, but it’s just not going to work so I’m giving up!  BRING ON THAT PIZZA, CHIPS, & SODA!

Now if you find yourself at numbers 3 and 4 STOP RIGHT THERE!  Progress, regardless of how big or how small is still progress.  Even though you may not be at the point where all of the foods you eat are whole foods, maybe you’ve thought a little differently about what you put in your mouth from time to time; that is what you need to celebrate!  Don’t beat yourself up for not being there 100%!  The key to success does not necessarily lie in the food themselves, rather it lies within our thinking.  If we make the decision to change the way we think/look at things, the outcome all of a sudden becomes different!

If you feel yourself struggling, release any and all of those negative thoughts.  By holding on to negativity it only takes up room where positive thoughts can grow.  Give yourself a break!  Try commending yourself on the positive changes you are making here and there and I guarantee in no time your little changes will yield big results!    And remember, it’s progress, not perfection!



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