Diane David

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Keys to Success

on February 4, 2013

Success key


Below are a few strategies to ensure success on your 28 Day journey!

1) Clean out the cupboards! If you have foods in the house they will only tempt you to stray from your plan! Donate them to a local food bank which I’m sure could use them!

2) Take a little time to plan your meals for the week — this will also help compile a grocery list

3) Keep track! With the amount of technology we have today there’s no excuse for not doing this! There are so many great applications for smart phones and online resources as well. One of my favorites is Lose It! I’ve also seen people have great success with My Fitness Pal. These two apps allow you to enter in your current weight, set goals, set limits for fats and sugars. I love Lose It! because I find their online page very user friendly plus you can add buddies to help you stay on track.

4) Keep a photo food log/journal — photograph your meals, post them, send them to a buddy, or create a journal to help you stay aware of healthy choices

5) Get a buddy! Find someone who will support your goals and help hold you accountable for your decisions. Studies show people have higher success rates when working with partners or groups!

6) Have fun! Embrace the new changes you’re making and have fun researching recipes and experimenting in the kitchen!


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