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Numbers, numbers, numbers!

on February 3, 2013

measuring tape


Although it is not a mandatory piece of this 28 Day Whole Food Challenge, it is recommended to get some pre-challenge data!  Numbers are just that: they are numbers, but they can give us a reference for where we are at in our current state of health and also indicate the improvements we are making.  Below is a list of some measurements I would recommend you take before the challenge begins.


What to measure:


*Girth measurements including:

  • Waist
    • narrowest part of waist above umbilicus and below xiphoid process
  • Hip
    • maximal girth of hip, or buttocks
    • Above gluteal fold
  • Thigh
    • maximal girth of thigh
    • below gluteal fold
    • legs slightly apart
  • Chest
    • Upper Chest
      • around upper lats, below armpits
    • Lower Chest
      • at nipple level

*Current clothing size

*Blood pressure



Another tool would be a pre-challenge photograph.  This can serve as motivation, but will also be gratifying when you see the amazing results you will have in just 28 days by sticking to this plan!


journalPurchasing a journal is highly encouraged as well.  This can serve as a record book for all of our pre-challenge measurements, a place to compile notes during the challenge as well as ideas and other relevant information.  Here is where I would also make note of current medications and dosages as the necessity may change when positive health changes are made over the course of time.  Remember, this is for your personal reference.  The more information and detail you include the better it will help you in figuring out exactly what changes need to be made and areas for improvement!



3 responses to “Numbers, numbers, numbers!

  1. Mel says:

    Been saying I’m going to measure myself but don’t have tape measure. Getting one tomorrow. I lost 6 lbs this past 3 wks and been tracking for three wks. Really need to know my measurements.

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